Doubt, A Parable

By Jonh Patrick Shanley.

Doubt is my thesis design. Inspired by the presidential champions, I analyzed election strategies that help/hinder candidates from getting votes. These strategies are applied in the scenography of Doubt, and aim to manipulate the audience's opinion of the two main characters. 

Audience will watch the show from 2 anglesvote for one of the characters. After the performance, they will see the fact that they were deceived by my design, so they will be reminded of the danger of believing what the candidates choose to show us.

Two Trains Running

By August Wilson.

This is a class project during 2020, Reg Douglas joined us as a guest director.

The scenic design is to present how people’s stories merge together and compose this restaurant like Jazz music.

Spamalot( musical)

By Eric Edle.

Class project from 2021. It was designed in a medieval and ridiculous style with a lot of satires about today, just as the script. The whole story happens in a medieval book.

Fires In The Mirror

By Anna Deavere Smith.

Class project in 2019. The venue is at classroom. The set aims to have characters from two communities on each side of a mirrored place, so they see each other's existence and pain. In the end, the father speaks at the centerline, where two communities meet.

Savage Land

By Cao Yu.

​Paper design in 2018 out of interest. It's a story of revenge and love in the remote wilds of early 20th China.