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The Everlasting Regret is a traditional Chinese poem about the tragedy of Tang Emperor Lee Longee and his lover Yang Yuhuan.
There are 3 phases of this story. It begins like a fairytale that Lady Yang became his majesty's favorite, and her beauty pales everyone else. Then the war of Anshi forced them to escape from the palace. All the men, from Lee to his remaining troops, blamed Yang for their failure and executed her for this ridiculous reason. Years later, Lee regained his throne, but his lover had gone forever. He only met Yang once again in his dream and kept telling her how regretful he was.

I intend to emphasize that Yang is not guilty of the kingdom's fall. Therefore, I adapted the poetry into a contemporary story about someone who makes a mistake and ruins his precious. In the end, he loses everything, and only the regret lasts.

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